Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sock Horse w.i.p

Just another quick post to try and get in the habit of updating this bad boy. A few screens of my current task; modelling the sock horse character for UnderWar. (It's still low-res, mirrored, proxy geometry, so there's a bit of a seam down his back for now)

Concept Artwork - Mark Haldane

3d model - work in progress

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sock Wizard

Just a few screens of the second character to be finished for UnderWar.

Concept Art - Mark Haldane

Finished Model

Finished Rig

Screen from an animation test, very much a work-in-progress

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Other Projects

Just a few quick links to work I've done on currently finished projects.


The Happy Duckling - Mainly worked on lighting and rendering for this, alongside general troubleshooting for everything that broke.


3hirty 6ix - Did all the character rigging and setup for this and all the effects work: particle steam/sparks/glows and rigid body simulations.


Big Time Superhero - Character rigging and set up again, as well as 3D fluid simulations for the shop explosions and rigid body simulations for the various breaking windows.


Assorted Work - I did various bits and pieces for other films from this years degree show. All the films, regardless of my involvement or not, are worth a watch!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Woo! Blog!

I had intended for the first post on here to be my finished shiny animatic for Underwar, but after fighting with smedge for the past 4 hours; it's only starting to render now and so won't be finished till the wee hours, and I've put off posting something on here for long enough. Anyway, here it is! My first post - Just a few screens of the sock troll character from concept art, to finished maya rig.

Concept art - Mark Haldane

Finished Model

Finished Rig

A couple of test poses