Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Woo! Blog!

I had intended for the first post on here to be my finished shiny animatic for Underwar, but after fighting with smedge for the past 4 hours; it's only starting to render now and so won't be finished till the wee hours, and I've put off posting something on here for long enough. Anyway, here it is! My first post - Just a few screens of the sock troll character from concept art, to finished maya rig.

Concept art - Mark Haldane

Finished Model

Finished Rig

A couple of test poses


  1. Hey hey, I like it! Stuck to the model sheet pretty tightly there, good show. Although the hands creep me out slightly, something about only having two fingers is a bit freaky. Did you use blend shapes for the facial rig?

  2. Cheers! The hands are kinda ninja turtley, that was mark's input. The face is all blendshapes yeah, but with quite a few breakdowns and inbetweens for each shape, his arms joining the body soo close to his mouth proved to be somewhat troublesome.